Carbon RX

Carbon RX


Carbon Management, Carbon Trading, Carbon Planning and Consulting Services:

  • Assembling a management team led by experienced carbon asset and transaction managers
  • Leverage HTC’s proprietary global deal flow that will require carbon management and monetization experience
  • Leverage HTC project development and aggregation platforms to build world-class carbon management firm


Our Business

  • Large emitters in Canada have a net requirement of carbon reduction or have to pay carbon emission tax based on current regulations
  • CRX intends to supply the market
  • CRX will be very active in upcoming provincial markets to build the framework to take advantage of national and global markets in the future
  • CRX will leverage its first mover advantage in Canada to build a framework that’s scalable on a global basis

Product Offer

A diversified portfolio of carbon offsets to allow compliance buyers to reduce risks of delivery and counter-party, and provide investors diversified returns. Credits are obtained by:

  1. Off-take Agreements: Asset owner, generating carbon offsets, will sell the forward stream to CRX through an off-take agreement
  2. Project Transactions: Asset owner requires capital to build a project that produces carbon offsets. CRX will invest in the project, in return for the rights to manage and monetize the resulting credits
  3. Clean Technology Investments: CRX will invest in commercially operating Clean Technology companies in return for the right to manage and monetize the carbon credits resulting from the deployment of the technology
  4. CCS Projects – Current deal flow from HTC represents tens of millions of annual credits