CO2 Project Developers

Project Developers

HTC Purification Systems can take a lead role in CO2 project development from concept through to execution.

Depending on the client’s needs, we can assist in assessing CO2 supply requirements including preliminary evaluation of oil reservoir EOR potential and associated CO2 volumes. Knowing the client’s needs, we can identify viable CO2 source alternatives to meet the demand and determine the transportation needs for delivery. CO2 Systems can undertake economic analysis of the full value chain to ensure a viable business case can be achieved for all parties.

HTC Purification Systems can facilitate bringing all parties together to execute the necessary contractual agreements to bring the project to a final investment decision and to raise project financing. We can also play a lead role in planning and execution of the project design and construction phase in addition to lead contracting the CO2 capture plant. HTC can also own and manage the plant if required by the customer.


HTC Purification Systems lead contractor for the Husky Lashburn CO2 capture Project