HTC Purification (HTC), is a wholly owned subsidiary of HTC Purenergy Inc., a public company, based in Regina, Canada and trading on the Toronto Venture Exchange under the symbol TSXV: HTC.

CO2 Capture Systems

Modular “Cost Efficient” design approach, similar to that used in oilfield construction techniques

LCDesign® Proprietary plant design approach used to reduce capital and operating costs

Extraction Systems Expertise - Some of the most experienced design engineers for CO2 capture and solvent reclaiming in the world.

Design and building CO2 Capture and Purification Plants - for World markets

Custom design Services – Based on Customer specific requirements

Delta Purification – Solvent, Ethanol and Glycol Purification systems

The Delta Reclaimer® is a patented, unique and simple thermal/vacuum technology for reclaiming and purifying:

  • single, mixed and formulated alkanolamine solvents for acid gas absorption
  • glycols for gas dehydration
  • Ethanol Purification systems - Improves the efficiency of CBD oil extraction from Biomass
  • The Delta Reclaimer Applications into the chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas industries.
  • The Delta Reclaimer is designed to remove all high-boiling degradation products, ionic species, impurities and fine suspended solids from chemical solvents, such as alkanolamines and glycols
HTC Hydrogen Thermochem Corp.
  • Hydrogen modeling design and simulation
  • Customized catalyst designs for hydrogen and biofuels
  • Hydrogen Dry reforming process.
Carbon Rx
  • Carbon management, Carbon trading, Carbon planning and consulting services