Management & Directors


Jeff Allison 
Senior Vice President

Jeff Allison has over 30 years of experience incorporate finance and business development, and is responsible for contract and legal liaison, project planning and financial management. Mr. Allison previously worked for a major Canadian Bank financing the oil and gas service business in Western Canada. Mr. Allison is a graduate of the University of Calgary.

Todd Beasley 
Vice President

Mr. Beasley has more than 35 years experience in solvent management and reclamation. He was awarded numerous method and apparatus patents specifically in gas treating solvent purification and managing supersaturated solvents. He is an expert in positive and negative pressure distillation processes, sub and supercritical extraction expert, and solid and liquid fertilizers. Mr. Beasley formulated and managed research relationships with leading corporations, universities and research centres worldwide.


Dr. Ahmed Aboudheir
Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Aboudheir’s expertise is in modeling and simulation of complex chemical processes, design/optimization of solvents and optimum design of CO2 capture systems, solvent reclaimers, and hydrogen reformers. He has a BSc. and MSc. in Chemical Engineering, and a Ph.D. in Industrial Systems Engineering. He is a recipient of the Government of Saskatchewan Commemorative Medal for Scientific Research and Community Services.

Dr. Walid ElMoudir
Process Engineering Manager

Dr. Walid ElMoudir is an expert in process simulation and modeling, process design, optimization, troubleshooting and economic analysis. He has specific experience in acid gas removal systems; solvent purifications, oil refining, crude oils evaluation/blending, and water desalination. He has a BSc. and MSc. in Chemical Engineering and PhD in Industrial Systems Engineering. Dr. ElMoudir is a professional engineer with the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta and Saskatchewan as well as Certified
Associate in Project Management (CAPM®).


Lionel Kambeitz
Executive Chairman

Lionel Kambeitz is a recognized Business Development professional and International Business Relations professional. Mr. Kambeitz currently serves as Chairman of Delta CleanTech and has played a founding role in many other Canadian and United States based private companies, as well as Canadian based public companies. Previously, Mr. Kambeitz has executive experience in a variety of industries including energy, agriculture, and ESG start ups.