CO2 Customized Design Gas Purification Systems


A CO2 Systems modular LCDesign® CO2 Capture System can be designed for any specific application up to 1000 tonnes per day in size and for any specific flue gas source. Careful attention is directed to the composition of the flue gas to quantify any contaminants that may cause solvent degradation and affect performance of the plant. When necessary, pre-treatment systems are provided to remove contaminants to acceptable levels before the flue gas enters the CO2 absorption column.

Smaller scale modular plants to capture CO2 from existing local sources are a particularly suitable alternative to long distance trucking for CO2 supply to pilot EOR operations or CO2 Fracking operations. The ability to relocate the modular packaged plants allows their practical use where relatively small volumes are required over relatively short time periods.

Small scale plants can be practical to source CO2 for the massive fracturing operations that are required in the growing shale gas industry in North America.

Small scale plants can also be designed to meet the needs of the food and beverage industry or other small industry consumers.

The figure below shows the simplified process flow diagram for the HTC Purification System:


Designing Purpose Built Plants - CCS PDOEngine™

To assist in the design of purpose built plants, HTC Purification Systems has developed a Process Design Optimization Engine PDOEngine™ . The HTC PDOEngine™ is a software based design tool that when used in conjunction with proven methodology simulates all well known aspects of CO2 capture.

The PDOEngine™ allows HTC to reduce cost of CO2 capture:

  • When utilized as a diagnostic tool to demonstrate more efficent and optimized operating parameters or changes to existing design
  • When utilized as a core design and sensitivity scenario tool to determine the most cost efficient design
  • Via less risk in design when tested against real world operating capture systems resulting in simulations that exceed the accuracy of commercially available modelling tools.